November 29, 2013
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We love the garden

All of our neighbours and friends have also
commented on the garden. Everyone who has
seen the back garden can't believe they are
still in Montreal with all the tropical plants
and bananas.

Thank you so much.
South Shore Residence

The garden looks

It looks nicer than I thought it would look.
I love it, my sister loves it, my husband loves it
and even the dog loves it. It looks fantastic,
as a matter of fact, it looks to nice for this area.
But anyway it looks great.

Thank you so very much.
NDG Residence

I am utterly delighted
with the garden.

I think it is perfect. It couldn't be better.
Charming, it's just right. Thank you so much,
and also I noticed with great pleasure that you
tinkered with and fine tuned our sad
and ailing front garden. I love it.

That is great thank you very much.
Westmount Residence